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In today’s world, feeling stressed is a part of everyday life. Work commitments, family problems, and dealing with the daily challenges of being an adult can lead to a person feeling stressed. Experiencing occasional stress is completely normal. However, experiencing daily or chronic stress regularly is not. Luckily there are options, here’s the best stress relief supplements to help reduce anxiety and improve your day to day!

For thousands of years, the human body has relied on a fight or flight response system for survival. When faced with a potential threat, the fight or flight response system kicks in to prepare the body to react quickly. Nowadays, this response system is as important as ever.

Although the kinds of threats humans face every day have greatly changed over time, the human body continues to use the same response system when dealing with potential dangers.

The human body’s fight or flight response system operates automatically, and so it can sometimes be turned on unnecessarily or for long periods of time. This can cause serious problems, such as anxiety, chronic diseases, gut problems, and depression.

Shockingly, in the US, stress is a major contributing factor to the six leading causes of death.

Dealing with considerable amounts of stress can be debilitating for many. Therefore, learning how to manage it is the first step to feeling better physically and mentally. Here, we offer tips and tricks to help you deal with stress, such as information on stress relief supplements and useful lifestyle hacks so that you can live a happier and healthier life.

Top Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

Ingredients found in stress relief supplements are designed to substantially alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety while improving the body’s natural reaction to the stresses of everyday life. Our choice of supplements for stress can reduce anxiety and nervousness and help sufferers feel like themselves again.

#1 SRS – The Stress Reduction Supplement

Price: $58.00


SRS is one of the best supplements on the market at the moment because it addresses our body’s response to stress, as well as stress-related symptoms. This is the current market leader when it comes to stress relief supplements. And they’ve even backed up their website claims by having the whole thing verified by experts!

Sufferers of stress, anxiety, and depression often report that they find great difficulty in staying motivated and/or focused even when carrying out trivial daily tasks. Those who experience stress, particularly at work, will find benefits in this all-natural supplement’s calming effects, which allow an individual to focus, organize, and manage their time without being distracted.

After taking this supplement, you may notice an improvement in your sleep too. SRS is designed to reduce stress levels and relieve anxiety so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about tomorrow’s inevitable challenges.

The Formula

SRS has been clinically dosed and thoroughly researched by scientists to ensure that those taking the supplement see an improvement in the body’s reaction to stress.

Here’s a formula breakdown of SRS – The Stress Reduction Supplement :

  • Ashwagandha 500mg
  • Tyrosine 300mg
  • Serinaide 100mg
  • Magnesium Glycinate 150 mg
  • Taurine 500 mg 
  • Chamomile Extract 100 mg
  • Zinc 10 mg

Ashwagandha 500 mg

Ashwagandha is a natural herb celebrated for its ability to reduce feelings of stress while increasing energy levels. As Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, the supplement is highly effective. By strengthening the endocrine and nervous systems, Ashwagandha blocks stress hormones from forming. It reduces the amount of cortisol in the body when an individual is faced with a stressful situation.

The results of countless studies of Ashwagandha speak for themselves. In one study, those who supplemented 250mg of the natural herb experienced up to 30% in reducing the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol.

Magnesium Glycinate 150 mg

Magnesium is nature’s natural relaxation supplement that is easily absorbed by the body and aids relaxation. Surprisingly, although magnesium is essential and beneficial, over half of Americans are deficient in the mineral.

Magnesium glycinate allows the body to relax after it has reacted to stressful stimuli. Furthermore, studies have shown that magnesium deficiency can trigger an unnecessary stress response. When a person has an insufficient level of magnesium in the body, the ability of muscles to relax is hindered significantly.

Taurine 500 mg 

Taurine is an amino acid known for its energy-enhancing properties in addition to its ability to reduce stress. Taurine can be found in foods such as meat and fish and is popular among sports athletes due to its ability to improve athletic performance. The acid can improve an individual’s metabolism and digestion and protect vital body organs, including the heart and brain.

To feel relaxed and at ease, the human brain releases gamma-aminobutyric acids (GABA). Stress, illness, and injury can cause GABA levels in the body to fall significantly. Individuals with low levels of the neurotransmitter often turn to drugs and alcohol to mimic the calming effects that the neurotransmitters produce.

As Taurine has a similar structure to GABA and can bind to GABA receptors in the brain, it increases GABA levels and therefore improves mood and energy levels. Supplementing with Taurine is more effective than supplementing with GABA itself, as GABA molecules are too large to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Tyrosine 300 mg

When our stress levels increase significantly, the brain is likely to be overworked, leading to a loss of concentration, brain fog, and mental burnout. Tyrosine can diminish these negative effects on the brain by promoting the release of chemicals, including dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals help alleviate stress-related symptoms and help us feel happy and relaxed.

A systematic review of 15 studies concluded that tyrosine could reverse mental decline following a prolonged period of stress.

Serinaide (Phosphatidyserine) 100 mg

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid element of the cell membrane that supports brain function and regeneration. By promoting the regeneration of cells, Phosphatidylserine maintains and improves the brain’s general health and wellbeing. Studies show that the ingredient can help to reduce the amount of cortisol in the body, which naturally leaves consumers experiencing relief from stress.

Chamomile Extract 100 mg

Chamomile is a daisy-like flower well-known for its calming properties and is usually drunk as tea. However, taking it as a supplement can be just as beneficial for treating nerves and anxiety.

Many studies have proven the calming effects of the flower as it contains an ingredient known as apigenin. This ingredient binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, which creates a sedative effect on the person taking it. For this reason, many people take chamomile supplements before bed to improve sleep quality.

Zinc 10 mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that stabilizes cortisol levels in the body. Some stress can be good for us. However, too much can make us ill. Zinc regulates chemicals in the body for us and maintains the perfect balance.


Bioperine┬« contains the alkaloid piperine, which intensifies the pungency in black pepper. Piperine increases the bioavailability of other substances. This means that this ingredient increases the absorption of nutrients by at least 30%, increasing the effectiveness of the ingredients found in the SR’s supplement.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SRS


  • The supplement not only reduces stress but also improves sleep quality and energy levels.
  • SRS site has been checked for medical accuracy by Drs
  • Ingredients help to regulate stress levels.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • The company has used the most recent research and scientific evidence to produce an effective supplement.


  • A relatively new product
  • Not available to buy in-store. Purchases can only be made on the manufacturer’s website.

#2 Kurapeak

Price: $49.00


Now more than ever, companies consider factors such as age, sex, and even blood type when developing their stress relief supplement to ensure the maximum benefits for consumers. Research suggests that certain supplements can be very beneficial for men but no so much for women, and vice versa.

Kurapeak is a supplement designed with women in mind. The mixture of herbal medicines promises to reduce anxiety and stress, improve well-being and increase libido, amongst other things.

Made by the same company, Centrapeak is targeted towards a male audience and boasts a similar range of beneficial ingredients. However, unlike the male alternative, Kurapeak helps relieve unrelenting menopause symptoms, including hot flushes and night sweats.

The Formula

Kurapeak contains an impressive array of ingredients from all around the world. The formula is completely transparent and free from hormones, drugs, and other harmful additives. Kurapeak’s formula is made up of remarkable herbs that can positively impact those suffering from stress.

Rhodiola Rosea – 100mg

Grown in the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe, Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, meaning it can adapt to the needs of the body and reduce the amount of stress the body experiences. After carrying out a clinical study, scientists found that taking Rhodiola Rosea twice a day over a four-week period significantly reduced stress levels. Rhodiola Rosea is generally thought to improve both physical and mental health.

L-Theanine – 100 mg

L-Theanine is known to lessen the symptoms of stress as well as reduce heart rate and blood pressure. A common symptom of anxiety is an increased heart rate, so L-Theanine can be particularly effective when treating these symptoms.

Unlike most sedatives, L-Theanine aids relaxation without causing drowsiness, making it an ideal supplement for when an individual feels stressed but needs to concentrate. L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green tea leaves. Many people benefit from drinking green tea to improve their cognitive performance and stay focused. A systematic review concluded that supplementation is an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Turmeric Curcumin 50:1 200mg

Found in Turmeric, Curcumin is an ingredient that possesses impressive anti-inflammatory qualities and can also aid relaxation. The active ingredient can also help fight depression, as when taken over a period of time, Curcumin can act as an anti-depressant. Both Prozac and Curcumin can raise serotonin and dopamine levels and have been shown to have similar benefits, yet the former produces far more concerning side effects than the latter.

Panax Ginseng 120 mg

Panax Ginseng can regulate hormonal changes caused by stress and improve overall mood. This powerful ingredient is a traditional Chinese medicine that has proved to have an abundance of mood-boosting properties over the years. Recent studies have proven its ability to combat stress and fatigue.

Maca 75 mg

Maca is a strong opponent of stress and anxiety. The Peruvian plant is commonly used to reduce menopause symptoms by regulating levels of estrogen in women. Maca contains compounds called flavonoids, which are thought to be responsible for the benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kurapeak


  • Ingredients are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • The supplement may help alleviate common symptoms of menopause.


  • The supplement can only be purchased online through their specific website.
  • No vitamins are included in the formula.

#3 Performance Lab Mind



Mind supplements are the first nootropic of their kind to tackle stress burnout while simultaneously improving the brain’s cognitive performance. This revolutionary supplement promotes neural regeneration to improve mood balance, memory, recall ability, and much more. Mind helps an individual remain calm and relaxed even in highly stressful situations.

The Formula

Mind’s formula includes a list of impressive ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost the brain’s performance. These ingredients support brain cell formation, improve neural communication, and boost brain energy in general.

Two of the ingredients found in Mind are also present in SRS: Tyrosine (250 mg) and Phosphatidylserine (100 mg). The other ingredients include:

Citicoline (Cognizin) 250 mg

Citicoline is a nootropic that encourages the production of neurotransmitters which are essential for brain function. However, very few foods contain a sufficient amount of this vital ingredient for the human body, and so taking it through a supplement can be highly beneficial.

The ingredient stimulates blood flow to the brain, which supports the organ’s energy metabolism. Citicoline has been shown to improve memory, learning, and attention span.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract 75 mg

Like Citicoline, Maritime Pine Bark Extract promotes blood flow to the brain. Increasing cerebral blood flow also increases the levels of oxygen, glucose, and micronutrients in the brain. Maritime Pine Bark Extract can also slow down the age-accelerating effects caused by free radicals, which have been shown to improve mental function, memory, and mood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance Lab Mind


  • Nootropic boosts brain activity and speeds up recovery after cognitive exertion.
  • Aids brain health and encourages cell regeneration.
  • The tablets’ design makes them easy to swallow and easily absorbed.


  • Focuses more on improving cognitive ability rather than reducing stress.
  • The supplement can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Vitamins

Vitamins are packed with powerful antioxidants that help fight off high levels of free radicals, which can be a cause of stress. After taking vitamin supplements for a period of time, many people tend to notice an increase in energy levels, better sleep patterns, and all-around better mood.

Supplements for stress relief like SRS generally focus on the more complex side of anxiety and stress reduction.

The good thing about these vitamins? They all crop up in a stress reducing diet!

Vitamin B

For the body to function properly, the vitamin B complex is essential. The vitamin b complex consists of eight powerful b vitamins, including B1, B5, and B9. These vitamins help regulate serotonin levels, balance blood sugar levels, and process carbohydrates, which can all influence an individual’s mood.

The eight B vitamins work much better when taken together. For this reason, the vitamin b complex is incredibly effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and other problems psychological issues.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and help fight infections and illnesses. Unbeknown to many, Vitamin C can also alleviate stress by lowering the cortisol hormone, which is released as a direct reaction to a stressful situation.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can help an individual reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and even fatigue. Those suffering from an anxiety disorder often find they have a deficiency in vitamin D.


Magnesium regulates the body’s stress-response system, which can lessen the effects of anxiety. People can get magnesium by consuming foods such as leafy greens, nuts, and dark chocolate. However, over 70% of us lack the recommended amount of magnesium in our bodies.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids demonstrate a wide range of benefits on our bodies when taken daily after a period of time. Omega 3 fatty acids can deter feelings of anxiety and low-mood and lower blood pressure, and fight inflammation.

Other Common Methods to Manage Stress

Nowadays, many people find difficulty in managing stress. Although vitamins and supplements are viable and easy options, they are only one aspect of stress management. By making a few notable lifestyle changes, sufferers of stress, anxiety, and depression can experience a considerable improvement in their mental health.

Exercise for Stress Relief

As we all know, doing exercise regularly can improve our physique. Additionally, research shows that the brain releases endorphins that can act as a natural anti-depressant when doing exercise. That is, doing exercise such as running or swimming regularly can dramatically improve depression and anxiety conditions.

Meditation and Mindfulness

The advantages of practicing meditation and mindfulness have been widely reported and have become very popular. Many people who deal with chronic stress have turned to meditation and mindfulness to feel calm, collected, and relaxed.

Focusing on breathing and practicing yoga can lead to a greater feeling of self-awareness which can, in turn, improve our mental health.

A Stress Reducing Diet

Eating certain foods produces chemicals such as serotonin that make us feel happy. Eating other foods can reduce levels of stress hormones in the body, making us feel relaxed. A stress-busting diet can consist of food and drinks such as avocado, spinach, and chamomile tea. These include nutrients that can calm the body, support the production of healthy brain cells and promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Consuming processed foods full of sugar and fat can cause us to feel sluggish and even anxious, so it is in our best interest to avoid typically unhealthy food.

Green Tea

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that can help improve mood and reduce stress by keeping the stress hormone cortisol at bay.


Getting enough sleep is essential to living a happy, healthy life free from stress. Research shows that practicing meditation, improving your diet, and exercising can improve sleep quality. Supplements such as SRS include sleep-inducing ingredients, including chamomile and taurine, that can help you to sleep soundly at night.

Best Supplements for Stress

Taking care of your health should be a priority. SRS, Kurapeak, and Mind are our favorite supplements for relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression as they leave an individual feeling calm, composed, and ready to take on the inevitable stresses that the day may bring.

All three supplements have been rigorously tested, and research has proven their undeniably beneficial effects. However, the all-natural SRS has been chosen as our favorite of the bunch due to its ability to reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and enhance cognitive function.

We recommend seeking medical advice from a professional healthcare provider if you have not experienced positive benefits from taking the supplements mentioned.

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