What is Etherium Gold?

Etherium Gold, a brain supplement, claims to be the only product made from monatomic gold that can improve mental clarity, mind-body coordination and learning. We found the Etherium Gold official website. It claims that it operates electromagnetically. It also claims to harmonize both hemispheres by maintaining the beta waves and the alpha waves. Initial product name was “Etherium Gold”. Later, however, “Etherium Gold” was removed from the market and “Etherium Gold Focused Brain” was introduced. Etherium Gold is available in powder, spray and capsulated forms.

Who makes Etherium Gold?

Harmonic Innerprizes is the manufacturer of Etherium Gold. Established over 20 years ago, the company pioneered the science of monatomic elements (ORMES).According to the company, Etherium Gold was discovered while searching for a Chamaebatiaria Millefolium herb. Monatomic gold, also known by white gold, was found in the ground from which that herb was being collected. They also claim to have extracted monatomic gold from an old seabed. We found this company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) when we searched for it on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also noticed that Harmonic Innerprizes clearly stated on their official site that they are a partner with the Better Business Bureau. Harmonic Innerprizes also manufactures other products based on monatomic elements, such as:

  • Etherium Black
  • Etherium Pink
  • Etherium Red
  • Aulterra

Etherium Gold Claims

We compared Etherium Gold claims to other brain supplements that we reviewed and the manufacturer made much more louder claims. Etherium Gold claims that all-natural ingredients include:

  • Harmonize the brain’s two halves
  • Keep your alpha brain waves going
  • Enhance learning and brain function
  • Provide greater mind-body coordination
  • Increase mental clarity

What’s Inside Etherium Gold?

The Etherium Gold manufacturer doesn’t list the daily values and names of any mineral elements on the product packaging. However, their official website states that the main ingredients are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Chromium
  • Other options include Rhodium and Platinum.
  • Other ingredients on the product packaging include silica, hydroxpropylmethyl cellulose, methylcellulose and calcium stearate.


Around 2,500 years ago, China was the first country to use gold as medicine. Medical News Today reports that gold consumption may increase concentration and alertness, as well as alleviate depressive symptoms and migraines. Research has shown that multiple neurological problems can also be caused by gold intake. A recent study in Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry found that gold intake could cause inhibitions in several vital blood enzymes.


Chromium can be described as a mineral. Because of its minimal requirements for human health, chromium is known as an essential trace element. Research published in Journal of Nutritional Neuroscience found that chromium supplementation may improve cognitive-cerebral function among older adults. A second research study, published in the Journal of psychoiatric practice, found that people with depression are more likely to feel better when they receive chromium treatment. WebMed found that chromium can also affect brain chemistry, which could lead to worsening of psychiatric or behavioral disorders. Six scientific case studies also reported that chromium supplementation can cause liver damage and kidney disease.


Silver, which has anti-viral and antibacterial properties, is a very popular product in holistic healthcare circles. A study published in the Journal of Inflammation stated that nano-crystalline silver-derived solutions appear to have anti-inflammatory/pro-healing properties. However, research on the impact of silver on mental health and the role it plays in this area is lacking.

Are Etherium gold ingredients safe and effective?

Etherium Gold seems to improve memory, focus, alertness, and overall effectiveness. However, there are not enough research-based studies to support the efficacy of Etherium Gold’s monatomic ingredients. The FDA issued a press statement regarding the safety of Etherium gold. It stated that they are not aware of any scientific evidence supporting the use silver for treating diseases. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), warns that colloidal silver could pose a risk to long-term health. It is important to remember that Etherium Gold also contains silver. Multiple research studies also supported the claim of side effects and toxicities for monatomic elements like gold, silver and chromium.

Side effects of Gold

The following side effects could result from gold therapy:

  • Skin irritation
  • Inflammation of lips and mouth

There are higher levels of protein in urine than usual

Side effects of Chromium

Below are some side effects that were reported in research studies

  • Skin and nasal irritations
  • Lung cancer is at an increased risk
  • Grave kidney disease
  • Silver has side effects

WebMD states that silver can be dangerous when it is taken orally, applied to the skin, and injected intravenously (by IV). There are other possible side effects:

  • Silver deposits in skin and mucous membranes (argyria).
  • Lung or liver tissues damage (rats- study)
  • An abnormal development of the neck, face and ears in babies born to pregnant women has been linked with an increase in silver levels

Important Note: Although side effects can be possible, they may not be typical for users. We are not doctors. We have only highlighted the most dangerous side effects based on scientific research for average users. Before you add any nootropics to your daily life, we recommend that you consult your physician.

How do you take Etherium Gold?

According to the official website, one capsule should be taken daily for a body weight of 50lb. Etherium Gold should be taken one hour after you eat.

Is Etherium Gold 100% BrainPower?

Etherium Gold, a brain supplement, claims to be the only product made from monatomic gold that can improve mental clarity, mind-body coordination, learning, and memory. This product also claims to electromagnetically harmonize both hemispheres. Our research team was unable to find enough research-based studies that support the claims of this product’s effectiveness. Customers complained that the product’s effectiveness was reduced after “Etherium gold” changed its packaging to reflect the “Etherium gold focused brain” philosophy. A customer review analysis showed that the product has positive results for some people, but not all.

The manufacturer also hides the ingredients in the product packaging. The disclaimer clearly states that there is no guarantee of specific results, and that results could vary. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this product because of multiple concerns.

Etherium Gold Users: Warnings

These are the official warnings on the product packaging:

  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication, consult your doctor.
  • Children under 6 years old may be poisoned if they accidentally take too much of this product. Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Call a poison control centre or doctor immediately if you suspect that you have taken an accidental overdose.

Where can you  buy Etherium Gold?

Etherium Gold can also be purchased online from their official site.
There are many options for the product:

  • 60 vegetarian capsules starting at $36.95
  • Get 240 vegetarian capsules starting at $109.95
  • 1 Oz. Mineral Essence Spray $18.95
  • 1 Oz. powder for 39.95

Return Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

Information about the money-back guarantee and return policy is not available on the official website.

Etherium Gold Alternative – Consumers’ No. 1 Choice

We took everything into consideration and found that the mineral may contain minerals that are essential for your health. This could be a link to improved brain function. Monatomic elements can also boost your mood by increasing the energy level. The ingredients don’t seem to have any direct effects on long-term mental well-being, as there are not enough research-based studies to prove their effectiveness. We are also concerned by the “poisoning alert” at the bottom of the product packaging. The key to long-term mental well-being is the integration of right and active ingredients in your system. Our team conducted comparative scientific research to evaluate the claims of multiple nootropics.

Mind Lab Pro is the best nootropic on the market, and it has won our trust 100%..It is based on scientific research and is highly regarded for its clinically-tested ingredients. Plus, it is safe and supported by positive customer reviews.

These are some of the most popular health benefits.

  • Information processing is faster
  • Protection of brain cells
  • Memory recall and retention are improved
  • Greater resistance to stress
  • Long-term memory and neurogenesis are equally important
  • It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Etherium Gold does indeed contain some naturally occurring ingredients that can help you relax and increase your energy .The effectiveness of this supplement is short-lived because there are not enough research-based studies that prove its efficacy. It might prove difficult to reach long-term goals. Etherium gold also clearly states in its disclaimer that there is no guarantee of specific results, and that results can vary. We are also concerned by the “poisoning alert” on the product packaging. Mind Lab Pro is the best nootropic currently on sale.

Score 5Total

Not recommended!

It’s all in the end! This supplement is a good choice because it has naturally occurring ingredients and can be used in many different stacks. Etherium Gold clearly states in its disclaimer that there is no guarantee of results and that results can vary. We are also concerned by the “poisoning alert” on the product packaging. Etherium gold is not backed by 100% confidence in terms of its value, safety and overall effectiveness. We recommend that you take a nootropic with clinically proven safe ingredients. Mind Lab Pro is one example.

1Mineral elements

Side effects possible

2Mental energy booster

Warning about poisoning on the product packaging

3Available in many stacks

Food and Drug Administration and NIH warn people about silver ingestion

4NAFood and Drug Administration and NIH warn people about silver ingestion

5NAIngredients with unknown daily value

6NANo money-back guarantee

7NANo worldwide shipping

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