What is Addium? Addium is a brain supplement. According to the company, Addium is a great choice for supporting a healthy brain. It is also claimed that it can improve alertness and daily living.Capsules are available for this nootropic. Who makes Addium?The manufacturer is the same as the product. Addium, the manufacturer of Addium, has… Continue reading ADDIUM REVIEW


What is Neuro-Peak?Neuro-Peak supplements are designed to improve your higher-order functioning. This dietary supplement is designed to improve cognitive functions such as focus, concentration, memory retention, and other cognitive functions. Zhou Nutrition claims that it is a “physician-based formula” that comes in a capsule form to relieve stress and anxiety. Who makes Neuro-Peak?Neuro-Peak, a multi-level… Continue reading NEURO-PEAK REVIEW


What is Kavinace?Kavinace(r), OS is the latest formulation for quick sleep. The original name of the product was “Kavinace Ultra PM”. However, they have changed the formula and now call it Kavinace(r). OS. This is claimed to increase the duration, onset, and efficiency while also addressing oxidative stresses. There are three types of the product:… Continue reading KAVINACE REVIEW


What is TravaCor?TravaCor is a nootropic combination that uses potent raw ingredients to create a unique mix. It is said to be able to alleviate anxiety, depression, restlessness, and sleep irregularities. TravaCor supports the inhibitory neurotransmitter systems. You will feel relaxed and calm after taking the supplement. TravaCor claims that it blocks glutamate which can… Continue reading TRAVACOR REVIEW


What is Formula Focus?Formula Focus, a nootropic, falls under the category of cognitive enhancers. Formula Focus claims it uses natural ingredients to increase concentration, memory, and energy .It is claimed to improve communication between neurons in the brain. It comes as capsules. Many people mistake this supplement for Focus Formula, manufactured by Windmill Health Products.… Continue reading FORMULA FOCUS REVIEW


What is Profiderall?Profiderall, a nootropic, claims it is scientifically engineered to increase focus, concentration, and brain energy without the need for a prescription .It claims that the supplement delivers an amazing burst in energy that lasts for up to six hours and takes effect in just minutes. Who makes Profiderall?Profiderall Supplement is manufactured by Profiderall… Continue reading PROFIDERALL REVIEW


What is Herberall?Nutriumph Supplements offers Herberall, a nootropic vitamin. This product is claimed to improve your cognitive performance and optimize brain function. It also contains natural caffeine, which improves accuracy and productivity in your work. Who makes Herberall?Herberall is made by Nutriumph Supplements. The company strives to optimize performance through nutrition. The company believes that… Continue reading HERBERALL REVIEW


What is Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone and how does it work?Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone, a brain supplement that claims to improve memory and prevent cognitive decline, is called Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone. Cognitex Elite Pregnenolone, according to the company, is its most effective brain supplement. The company also offers: Cognitex Basic Cognitex Elite Cognitex Basic is the first… Continue reading COGNITEX ELITE PREGNENOLONE REVIEW


What is Citicoline?Two forms of this nootropic are CDP-choline and Citicoline. Citicoline can be taken externally, while CDP-choline refers only to the natural form found in your cells. Citicoline is available in two forms: citicoline sodium or citicoline without base. Citicoline sodium can be used to treat nerve disorders. It is only available with a… Continue reading CITICOLINE REVIEW


What is GABA?Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), a naturally occurring amino acids, is produced by your brain. It is also one the most common chemical messengers in your brain. GABA is an inhibitory chemical messenger. It binds to nerve cells and decreases their activity. GABA blocks or inhibits specific brain signals, and reduces activity in your nervous… Continue reading GABA REVIEW