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In December 2017, the Cabinet Security Committee approved the India-based Neutrino Observatory Project, which will be built with an investment of 1,500 rupees. This is the latest in a series of neutrino detectors and neutrinos factory experiments to promote research in particle physics. There is a push to allow neutrino astronomy, which would search and… Continue reading Neutrino Factory Wiki

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Current Baseline IDS-NF Notes Physics Working Group Notes Accelerator Working Group Notes Detector Working Group Notes New Delhi, India – U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and India’s Atomic Energy Minister Dr. Sekhar Basu signed an agreement today to expand cooperation between the two countries on the world’s leading scientific and technology project. The Long Baseline… Continue reading Documentation


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Current IDS-NF Baseline Currently the baseline is documented in the Interim Design Report(pdf ) New schematic layout of the accelerator New schematic of the MIND detector Old Baselines 2008-01-25 Baseline Specification

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Accelerator -Costing – 20110613

While particles circulate in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN lab in Geneva and other conventional accelerators, physicists increase their energy by passing particles through a series of metal cavities that resonate with radio waves, like an organ pipe ringing with sound waves. Over time, things like particles surf through radio waves and… Continue reading Accelerator -Costing – 20110613