What is Neuro Optimizer?

Neuro Optimizer is a nootropic which claims to improve memory, learning, and neuronal conduction. Its protective role in the brain is also highlighted by the manufacturer. Neuro Optimizer comes in capsules. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

Who makes Neuro Optimizer?

Neuro Optimizer is manufactured by Jarrow Formulas Inc. Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. You might also like:

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Jarrow Formulas is a business that has been in operation for 15 years, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company is not accredited by the BBB and does not have a rating on its official website. BBB received a complaint about customer service. Evidently, the customer requested a refund but it was delayed for several months due to technical problems.

Neuro Optimizer Claims

According to the manufacturer, Neuro Optimizer is:

  • Improves brain function
  • Maintains adequate brain health
  • Increases brain message transmission
  • It does not contain stimulants

What’s Inside Neuro Optimizer ?

The ingredients of Neuro Optimizer can be found on the label.

  • Vitamin B5
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Taurine
  • Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine (Citicoline)
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is a member of the B-complex family. Tests in the lab showed that vitamin B5 can be stored in certain areas of the brain. This leads to the production and maintenance of myelin, which is a crucial chemical for nerve impulse conduction. Vitamin B5 may play a significant role in cerebral diseases such as Huntington’s or Alzheimer’s.


Acetyl-L carnitine is an ester that comes from carnitine. Studies on the long-term intake of acetyl l-carnitine showed that it is associated with increased levels of glucose and neurotransmitters. Consuming this compound can lead to an increase in energy levels in your brain. Research on rats’ pups showed that they were protected from side effects of brain trauma.

This indicates that acetyl l-carnitine is a viable option to preserve memory after a brain injury. Research by EM Consulte revealed that Fish Odor Syndrome was treated with L-carnitine. Fish odor syndrome refers to a condition where the body secretes too many chemicals, causing a foul odor.


Glutamine, a vital compound found in the central nervous systems, is abundant. According to research by Cambridge University Press, glutamine deficiency can cause a decrease in GABA production, which is a key CNS neurotransmitter. This could lead to mental disorders such as epilepsy or hepatic-encephalopathy. L-glutamine, therefore, is an effective option for the prevention of certain CNS disorders.


Taurine, an amino acid, plays an important role in fat metabolism. Taurine is found in high levels in the brain during early childhood .Research has shown that taurine is vital for brain development and can help improve learning and memory in the growing phase. Not all adults benefit from taurine supplementation. A published article in Journal of Biomedical Science reveals that taurine may play protective roles in brain.

Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine (Citicoline)

Citicoline is an important component of cell membranes. Neuroscience in a published laboratory trial stated that Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine was essential for the development and maintenance of sensory pathways in adults. It can also help you solve complicated problems and process information more quickly.

Research has also shown that Cytidine 5-Diphosphocholine may prevent brain damage after an ischemic accident.


Phosphatidylcholine, a phospholipid found naturally in large quantities in the brain, is known as. The brain converts phosphatidylcholine to acetylcholine. For nerve impulse conduction to work effectively, Acetylcholine must be present. A study on laboratory rats showed that phosphatidylcholine helped with memory in dementia-prone rats (a disorder of forgetfulness).


Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid found in large quantities in the neurons’ membranes, is one example. For impulse conduction to be effective, the brain requires phosphatidylserine. It acts as a neurotransmitter, connecting various parts of the brain. One manuscript claims that phosphatidylserine improves memory in cognitively impaired people.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic acid is an antioxidant with many proven health benefits. SpringerLink evidence suggests that alpha-lipoic acids may play a role in reducing oxidative stress in the brain, according to SpringerLink. It also preserves the blood-brain barrier’s permeability after subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Another article published demonstrates the neuroprotective effect of alpha-lipoic acids against toxic substances.

Are Neuro Optimizer Ingredients Safe & Effective?

Neuro Optimizer is safe for most of its ingredients. We were concerned about L-carnitine’s inclusion in the product. L-carnitine can promote mental recovery from brain traumas, but it can also cause “Fishy Odor Syndrome”. Another consumer reported experiencing severe heartburn following consumption. Neuro Optimizer’s effectiveness is supported by science. It improves memory and cognition, as well as protecting against toxic substances. Neuro Optimizer is also a great tool for learning.

How do you use Neuro Optimizer?

The manufacturer suggests taking four capsules per day, with water or juice, between meals.

Does Neuro Optimizer Provide 100% BrainPower?

Neuro Optimizer can be used to improve memory and cognitive function. It does not offer certain essential mental benefits. These include an improvement of brain chemistry, cerebral blood flow, and boosting brain waves. There is no evidence to suggest that any ingredient plays a role in the management of mentally challenging situations. Neuro Optimizer is not able to help you if you are feeling anxious or in a demotivating mental state. These facts prove that Neuro Optimizer is not the best solution to ultimate brainpower. Neuro Optimizer users should be aware of these warnings

Warnings are listed on the Official Site:

Before using this product, people who have a medical condition or are taking medication should consult their doctors. Before using this nootropic, pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their healthcare professionals. Before consumption, anyone under 18 years old should seek the advice of a qualified professional.

Where can you buy Neuro Optimizer?

Neuro Optimizer can be purchased online through Provitaminas and Vitamin Express, as well as the official website of the company.

  • Each bottle costs $49.95 The official store also offers gifts.
  • Purchases over $100 qualify for a 5% discount

Return Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

Jarrow Formulas has the following return policy. All damaged products must be returned within ten days of purchase. The product must be in good condition. Ice packs are essential for probiotics. Non-probiotic products cannot be returned after three months. All returns must include account information and the reason for return.

Jarrow Formulas cannot offer a money back guarantee.

Neuro Optimizer Alternative – Consumers’ No. 1 Choice

Neuro Optimizer is a nootropic that aids memory and cognitive function. Neuro Optimizer does not have all the essential functions. It is not responsible for stress management, brain chemistry and blood flow regulation. We also found no evidence that any ingredient could improve mental focus or concentration.

Fish Odor Syndrome can be caused by L-carnitine. This can cause social anxiety and stigma which can be very frustrating. We researched the market for a better nootropic, keeping in mind the side effects and ingredients. Before we started our research, we established quality standards and created a list of potentially dangerous ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro was discovered. We were astonished to see that it offers more mental benefits than Neuro Optimizer. Mind Lab Pro is a tool that not only improves memory but also protects the brain :

  • Improves focus
  • Regulates Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Improves Brain Chemistry
  • Increases the transmission of signals

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 all-natural ingredients. Each ingredient has a unique mental benefit profile. The best thing about this is :

  • There are no side effects that have been scientifically proven to be harmful from any ingredient.
  • You can find our complete review of Mind Lab Pro and its components here.


If you’re looking to improve your memory and cognitive function, Neuro Optimizer may be a good option. These are however the only significant benefits of nootropics. Neuro Optimizer is not 100% brainpower and has safety concerns.

  • 5Total Score
  • Not recommended!

Our team doesn’t recommend Neuro Optimizer because it does not provide certain vital mental benefits. Neuro Optimizer was not associated with improved focus and attention in daily activities. Side-effects are another reason not to recommend this product.

1Memory and cognition enhancementFish Odor Syndrome may be caused by L-Carnitine
2Protects against toxic substances

In mentally challenging situations, no role

3NAIt does not offer vital mental benefits

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