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Depression is a terrible illness that can cause paralysis and make it difficult to think, act, and feel normal. Depression is a leading cause of disability in the world. It can be difficult to manage, especially if it affects loved ones. It can be difficult to communicate with someone depressed. You may believe that your communication is correct, but it may not be. The power of words can heal anyone. A lot can be done for someone in pain or ill. Your loved one will be hurt most if you say something totally opposite or against their feelings.

Talking to someone depressed is difficult. It’s normal to feel confused and awkward. You don’t have to be sweet or sorry. It is enough to be compassionate. Many people who suffer from depression feel isolated. It’s enough to simply say that you care and support them.

Here are 15 suggestions to help you get through difficult times.

“I’m here”

Do you ever feel lonely and want someone to support you?

This two-word statement can make a huge impact on someone who feels isolated and as though everything is against them. Depression can make someone feel alone, and no one wants them to be there. It can make a huge difference to your friend to reassure them that you are there and listening.

“I Care About You”

Imagine how it would feel if someone came to you in your worst times and gave you a hug. These four words can make someone suffering from terrible depression feel strong again. A person with depression often feels that no one understands. As if the illness were a mystery. To restore confidence in someone is as simple as expressing your love.

“How can I help you?”

Depression can make it difficult for people to enjoy their daily activities. They also feel tired and weary. These combined symptoms can cause a loss of optimism and morale in your loved one. Sometimes, asking your loved one how they can help will be enough to make them feel better. You might find that your friend is reluctant to accept any assistance from you out of fear of becoming a burden. Your friend should know that you care about them and are willing to help in any way possible. Remind them that they aren’t a burden to you and will never be.

You can also ask these questions:

  • Do you allow me to accompany you to your doctor’s appointment?
  • Are you looking for help with grocery shopping?
  • Would you like a cup of coffee with me?

Make sure you are specific about what you can do and how long you can dedicate. Instead of asking “Do you have any assistance?” Instead of saying “Do you need any help?” instead, say “I’m available for two hours Saturday and would love the opportunity to join you in cleaning your house.”

“You are strong!”

Depression can make a person feel tired, weak and fragile. It is enough to remind them that they can overcome this illness. They should understand that despite suffering from a terrible illness, they are not weak. Encourage them to see the positive side of things and realize how strong they can be through it all.

“Do you want us to talk?”

Talking can help release repressed emotions and hidden pain. Talking to someone depressed without interrupting is one of the best things you can do. Talk to your friend about what’s bothering them, what they are up to, and what you feel in general. Don’t interrupt or give unwelcome advice. While you wish your friend well and would like to help, giving general advice and tips will not help. A person who is feeling depressed does not need any advice. Depressed people just want to be heard.

“It’s O.K.”

Your friend can be calmed down by telling them that it’s okay to feel certain emotions. A person who is depressed may feel certain things due to a chemical imbalance or unhealthy environment. They may feel upset, depressed, or angry. It’s okay to let your friend know. Allow your friend to feel all of these emotions, and slowly (she) will be out.

“Yeah, that is awful!”

Depression is not the only reason someone is depressed. Sometimes, things can be really dire and horrible. Sometimes they might be really stressed about something. Recognizing their stress and acknowledging it helps them to relax. It’s comforting to know they aren’t being ignored or misunderstood. Things are awful, indeed!

“How’s your treatment going?”

Depression treatment can last from weeks to months or even years. How well you respond to treatment and how much you receive it will directly impact your ability to recover from depression. Ask your loved ones about their treatment. Ask your loved one about their treatment. What is the doctor’s opinion? How is counseling or therapy going? And how effective is it? Ask them questions and concerns. Ask them if they are able to receive treatment.

“I understand” (If it is really so)

Your friend can benefit greatly from your previous experience if you’ve been through it. People often say they understand but never actually do. People often say that only those who have experienced depression can truly understand how it feels. Help your friend get out of depression by understanding it. Tell your friend that it will pass. You’re always there to help, whenever you can!

“How do YOU feel today?”

It’s a good idea to ask the friend how they are feeling today. First, it’s unlikely that your friend expected this question. She will be surprised. You’ll also be able to see what their day looks like through their answers. You can learn more about their feelings by asking them questions.

“I like (things about) you!”

Positively praising friends for their strengths and talents will help them feel more optimistic. Do not just use positive words to make others feel better. Your friend will most likely notice that you are trying to make them happy. Your friend should know that you appreciate her strength of faith and hopefulness in getting through difficult times.

“You are not weak”

Depression can cause you to feel weak and lost. You feel like you’re out of place. Your friend should know that they are not weak, but ill. It is possible for them to feel ashamed of themselves. This does not necessarily mean they are weak. It takes courage to deal with depression.

“You are not alone.”

Your friend to swear that you will not be alone. Never. They are supported by family, friends, and doctors. Your friend should tell you that when they feel alone, remind them of all the people who have supported them. You’re there to support them, even if they don’t have anyone else.

“Remain hopeful”

It is easy to say. It’s difficult to believe. Encourage your friend to stay positive. He/she has been through enough and has traveled far enough. They should be optimistic that the skies will soon turn blue again. Remember, hope is a positive thing. It’s possible to be the best of all things. Good things never die. “- Stephen King

“This too shall pass”

Depression can consume a person like a black hole. There is only one you.It will pass, assure your friend. You can assure your friend that good times are coming, that their illness will soon be cured, and that they will feel positive again.

The Takeaway

It will take time for your loved one to get treatment for depression. It is important to stay close to your friend and offer support.

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