What is Kavinace?
Kavinace(r), OS is the latest formulation for quick sleep. The original name of the product was “Kavinace Ultra PM”. However, they have changed the formula and now call it Kavinace(r). OS. This is claimed to increase the duration, onset, and efficiency while also addressing oxidative stresses.

There are three types of the product:

  • Kavinace OS
  • Kavinace OS Emulsion
  • Kavinace OS Emulsion Pouch

Who makes Kavinace?
This supplement was developed by NeuroScience, a company that has been in operation since 2000. It is a specialist in the development of proprietary amino acids that improve the functioning of the nervous, immune, and human bodies.

Other products included in the catalog include:

  • Calm CP
  • NeuroBiota
  • Focus on DL
  • ImmuWell

We visited the company via the Better Business Bureau and found two profiles for the same business name, “Neuro Sciences Inc”. Both were not Better Business Bureau accredited. We also learned that Neuroscience was warned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regarding Kavinace’s ingredients. They removed their product “Kavinace Ultra PM” and created a new product called “Kavinace OS”.

Kavinace OS, FDA Warning (APRIL 10, 2019,)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), issued a warning notice in April 2019 stating that Kavinace’s ingredient contains 4-amino-3 phenylbutyric acid HCL (AKA Phenibut). This does not meet FDA’s definition for a dietary component. This labelling is misleading and false in any way, and it cannot be sold as an over-the-counter nutritional supplement. FDA also stated that Phenibut does not qualify as a herb, other than a botanical, a vitamin, mineral, or dietary supplement.

Kavinace Claims

These claims are listed on their official website:

  • Sleep efficiency, duration and onset are improved
  • Reduction in oxidative stress

What’s Inside Analysis Kavinace?
Their proprietary blend is composed of the following main ingredients:

  • L-Theanine
  • Resveratrol
  • Astaxanthin

Other nutrients include selenium, zinc, magnesium and zinc.

It is an amino acid that promotes mental relaxation and sleepiness. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports that L-theanine may reduce anxiety and improve symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Another study found that L-theanine increased relaxation without causing drowsiness, or reducing resting heart rate.

It is a plant-based compound which acts as an antioxidant. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study published in Front Aging Neuroscience, it protects brain cells against damage.

Key Note: Healthline states that the above research is interesting, but it should not be used as a supplement to your brain. Scientists are still unsure about the effectiveness of supplement resveratrol in your body. The New York Academy of Sciences also reported that resveratrol’s bioavailability is still a matter of debate.

It is a carotenoid pigment that has multiple health benefits including better skin, endurance, joint pain, and heart health. Clinical Therapeutics published a study that showed it can improve blood flow and lower oxidative stress among smokers and overweight people.
Key Note : We couldn’t find any clinical studies that claim Astaxanthin to be a nootropic agent.

It is a hormone commonly used to improve sleep under different conditions. Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences carried out a study of 50 patients with insomnia. It found that taking melatonin 2 hours before bed helped patients fall asleep quicker and had a better quality sleep.

Are Kavinace OS Ingredients Safe And Effective?

This supplement may contain minerals and L-Theanine which can provide a mental health boost. However, if you are talking about improving sleep quality, we didn’t find any clinical evidence to support the claims. The supplement manufacturer also reformulated the product following FDA warning. However, it is possible that the new ingredients are not safe. In-depth ingredient analysis revealed the following side effects.

Side effects of Resveratrol

  • Potential dangerous drug interactions
  • Some essential enzymes can be blocked by increased bleeding

Side effects of Melatonin
The following side effects were identified during clinical drug investigation:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Potentially dangerous drug interactions

These side effects are not expected to occur in all users, but it is possible to minimize them.

How Do You Use Kavinace OS?
According to the official website, 2 capsules should be taken at bedtime. The website recommends not exceeding the suggested use.

Does Kavinace OS Provide 100% BrainPower?
This supplement may give you a mental boost. L-theanine has been clinically shown to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, without causing sleepiness. However, the central proprietary blend is not supported by scientific evidence and may have side effects. The FDA also warned supplement manufacturers about Kavinace’s ingredients. They pulled their product off the market and came up with a reformulated version. We aren’t sure if the reformulated formula is safe and effective.

Kavinace OS users: Warnings
Official site advises that you consult your doctor first, especially if pregnant or nursing.
Other general warnings for Kavinace OS Users include:

  • Resveratrol or melatonin can interact with medications and other drugs.
  • Keep children out of reach
  • Before you incorporate the Kavinace OS supplement in your daily life, consult your doctor.

Where can you buy Kavinace OS?
You can purchase this product on Amazon and other online retailers.
The following forms of this supplement are available:

  • Kavinace OS 60 capsules/30 servings for $49.
  • Kavinace OS Emulsion (for $257)
  • Kavinace OS Emulsion Pouch (15ml) for $2

They don’t offer a money back guarantee and the product isn’t available internationally.

Kavinace OS Alternative – Consumers’ No. 1 Choice
The product has some positive qualities, including the inclusion of essential minerals that can provide a boost to your mental health. We are a little concerned about the proprietary blend. It lacks clinical research of high quality and can cause side effects. Furthermore, this product has been taken off the market after receiving a warning letter by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We cannot guarantee that the supplement will be safe. We recommend that you include exercise and foods rich in brain-boosting ingredients in your diet to maintain optimal brain function. We recommend that you use a supplement with clinical support and 100% effectiveness that has no side effects if you are looking for long-term cognitive enhancement or memory enhancement.

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most effective supplements we have ever seen. Mind Lab Pro has been clinically proven to be the best choice for consumers, without any side effects. This formula, which contains 11 clinically-proven ingredients, provides a one-stop solution to all your cognitive health needs. It has the following health benefits:

  • Information processing is faster
  • Protection of brain cells
  • Memory recall and retention are improved
  • Greater resistance to stress
  • Long-term memory and neurogenesis are equally important

There are many other options .Mind Lab Pro is also confident in its system and offers a 30-day 100% refund guarantee. If you aren’t sure if Mind Lab Pro is better or worse than Kavinace OS then take a look at this comparison to help you decide!


Final thoughts We love some aspects of this product, especially that it is available in multiple versions. Emulsions and capsulated versions are available. The nootropic component is made up of three ingredients. However, we need to do more clinical research before we can recommend it for use as a sleep aid. Mind Lab Pro is the best nootropic on the market right now. It has 11 clinically-proven ingredients and can help you optimize your cognitive function.

5Total Score

Not recommended!

The three nootropic ingredients costing $49 each are extremely expensive and will require more clinical research to prove their effectiveness. The FDA warned that the product was being reformulated. We cannot recommend this supplement with 100% confidence due to the numerous concerns we have raised. We recommend Mind Lab Pro, which is the best-rated supplement. It contains 11 genuine natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to increase mental performance. You also get free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

1Contain minerals

Potential side effects

2Available in 2 versions

Drug interactions

3Mental health can be improved to some degree

Ingredients do not have a daily measure of value

4NAFDA warns you

5NARetired from the market

6NANot Better Business Bureau accredited

7NANo money-back guarantee

8NACustomer reviews that are negative

9NANo worldwide shipping

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