What does Gorilla Mind Rush do?
Gorilla Mind Rush is a patent-pending nootropic from Gorilla Mind that provides intense focus and productivity that lasts the entire day. This combination of ingredients gives you unrivalled drive, laser focus, motivation, and energy. According to the company, Gorilla Mind Rush has the following effects:

  • In the first fifteen minutes, there is a subtle shift.
  • In just 30 minutes, you can notice clear thinking, improved focus, and increased energy.

The above mentioned changes increase in intensity and then settle down by the end the hour. It is possible to notice a decrease in anxiety and stress, as well as a significant improvement in multitasking abilities. You will also feel less hungry. Within 90 minutes your concentration, focus, memory recall, and concentration will all be greater than ever before. This state will last between 5-6 hours.

The effect gradually wears off after 6 hours. You will feel a return to your baseline mental state and appetite after about 10-12 hours. This happens without you feeling drained or like you are going to crash.

What’s Inside Gorilla Mind Rush?

N Acetyl L-Tyrosine
This amino acid helps the brain function by increasing the synthesis of neurotransmitters (chemicals that regulate them).It can also improve cognitive function, particularly in stressful and demanding situations.

Bacopa Monnieri
This Ayurvedic herb is known to improve brain function. It improves your brain’s information processing speed, memory, and reaction time. This herb’s active ingredients protect your brain against oxidative stress. It also improves the function of the brain area responsible to processing memories (hippocampus.

L-Theanine, an important amino acid, is highly recommended. It promotes relaxation and enhances sleepiness. (3)

Acetylcholine is vital for many brain functions such as learning and memory. It is believed to improve memory and mood by increasing acetylcholine. It improves brain health and concentration. DMAE supplements can also be used to improve athletic performance and manage depression symptoms.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine citrate
It boosts dopamine levels and noradrenaline, which can lead to a better mood. Numerous studies have shown its effectiveness as a central nerve system stimulant. It can also bypass the blood-brain barrier so it has a powerful effect on chemical messengers in the brain.

Alpha GPC
Alpha GPC can be taken with caffeine to increase energy, focus and memory. Study comparing Alpha GPC with caffeine vs placebo showed that the first group has a better cognitive function and higher physiological performance. Gorilla Mind Rush has both of these ingredients. Alpha GPC is fast and delivers choline to your brain, increasing levels of acetylcholine.

Huperzine A
This ingredient has been shown in clinical trials to increase learning, performance, and memory. It protects the brain against oxidative damage and maintains brain health. (8) (9)

2 Aminoisoheptane
It is a synthetic component that increases dopamine and noradrenaline uptake. It boosts mood and cognitive function. This ingredient also suppresses appetite. (10)

Caffeine Anhydrous
Coffee is a stimulant. To get the stimulant effect, you need to drink 250-300 mg of coffee. Side effects can also be caused by a higher caffeine intake (600 mg).The total amount of coffee contained in three Gorilla Mind Rush capsules is 162.5mg. It is therefore safe to consume it without worrying about side effects.

How Do You Use Gorilla Mind Rush?
Start with just 1-2 capsules per day, and then go on an empty stomach. Gorilla Mind Rush lasts for nearly 8 hours so it is best to take it in the early morning. You can also spread it throughout your day. It is best to not use it at night as it can disrupt your sleep.

What are the potential side-effects of Gorilla Mind Rush?
Supplements are backed up by numerous scientific studies and clinical trials. There was no alarming ingredient. All ingredients are natural and well-tolerated. Some may experience mild side effects like headaches, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat. It all depends on individual tolerance.

Below are the disclaimers that have been put up by the manufacturer:

  • Individuals who take Gorilla Mind Rush should not consume alcohol or other caffeinated beverages.
  • Children, nursing mothers and pregnant women should not be allowed to take this medication.
  • Individuals with medical conditions and those on medication should not use it.
  • If you are considering taking any other dietary supplements while using Gorilla Mind rush, consult your healthcare professional.

Who makes the Gorilla Mind Rush?
Gorilla Mind, a Baltimore-based company, is located in the USA. This company is entirely focused on supplements that improve cognitive functions. The company also offers:

  • Smooth Gorilla Mind
  • Gorilla Mind Bundle
  • Gorilla Mode Nitric
  • Gorilla Dream
  • Gorilla Mind To Go

Their supplements are backed by 20 years of expertise. Science backs all ingredients. They combine science and experience to select ingredients that will provide the greatest benefits.

Where Can You Buy Gorilla Mind Rush?
The official website sells Gorilla Mind Rush capsules.

1.$59.99 – 30 capsules in a jar

There may be promotional offers available from time-to-time

Within the US, shipping is free. Shipping is free within the US, but additional fees may apply depending on your country’s import tariff.

Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

Only unopened and undamaged packages are eligible for a refund. The company’s website states the following:
“Our policy is valid for 30 days. We cannot offer a refund or exchange if 30 days have passed since the purchase. You must return the item in its original condition and in its original packaging. You must also return the item in its original packaging. Refunds are only available for regular-priced items. Unfortunately, sales items cannot be returned. We are not responsible for any tariffs or customs restrictions that may be in place in other countries than the United States. It is your responsibility check to see if your country permits shipment of the products you have ordered or wish to order. All duties and taxes applicable to your order are your responsibility.

Is Gorilla Mind Rush A Good Nootropic For You?

Our research has shown that Gorilla Mind Rush lives up to its claims. It’s safe to say it’s one of the most effective nootropics on the market. These ingredients contain a combination of nootropics as well as proteins that will enhance your cognitive abilities. The best thing about the supplement is the fact that it lasts for nearly 8 hours. Gorilla Mind Rush is unique because of this feature. Its effects are not dependent on stimulants like caffeine so you don’t get the jitters. The brand is a leading manufacturer of nootropics, and it has a large customer base. You can also purchase the supplement at a very affordable price.It is a great nootropic and does exactly what it says. This may be the best option for anyone looking to improve brain function without experiencing a crash. For more information, visit the official website.

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