What is Geniux?

Geniux, a nootropic, claims to enhance memory, mental performance, and aid in learning. It comes in capsules, with one bottle containing around 30 capsules.

Who makes Geniux?
The manufacturer is the same as the product. The Better Business Bureau website did not have the correct business information. This means that the company has not been registered with the BBB.

Geniux Claims

According to the manufacturer, Geniux:

  • Memory improvement

  • Mental performance is improved

  • Energy levels increase

  • Healthy brain function

  • Concentration increases

What’s Inside Geniux
These ingredients are listed on the label:

  • Laminariales

  • Caffeine

  • Eleuthero Root Extract

  • Ginkgo Biloba

  • Gelatin


Laminariales is an algae that lives in oceans and seas. According to a Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology, a study on laboratory rats has shown that laminariales may protect the brain from oxidative stress. This indicates that laminariales play a neuroprotective function.


Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. A significant amount of caffeine is also found in energy drinks and colas. Caffeine plays an important role in stimulating central nervous system activity, which can lead to an increase in mental alertness. A study found that coffee consumption can increase anxiety and cause rapid heartbeats.

Karger published a study that showed a shift in behavior among otherwise healthy people.

Eleuthero Root Extract

The Eleuthero root extract is derived from a Siberian shrub. The locals have used it for centuries as an important part of herbal medicine to treat various ailments. There was no evidence to support the claim that eleuthero root extract improves mental faculties.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is a herb that is used mainly to make herbal remedies.

Study results suggested that ginkgo may be able to promote learning. It does this by increasing neurotrophin levels in the brain. Ginkgo can be used as an ingredient, but it has some potential dangers.

University of California Department of Dermatology indicated that there may be a link between Steven-Johnson syndrome and contact dermatitis.

Both can cause skin conditions. Steven-Johnson can lead to serious complications in the long term.


Gelatin is a compound made from animal tissue .It is mostly used in the production of bakery products. But, there is no evidence to support the role of this ingredient for improving mental abilities. Are Geniux Ingredients Safe & Effective?

They aren’t, plain and simple. Two significant ingredients i.e. Ginkgo biloba and caffeine are both known to have side effects.

Caffeine can cause insomnia, tachycardia and behavioral changes. However, ginkgo biloba is prone to contact dermatitis, Steven-Johnson syndrome, and other skin conditions.

Some ingredients aid in learning while others help to protect against toxic substances like hydrogen peroxide. The label didn’t mention the concentrations of each ingredient individually. The concentration of the “Proprietary Blend” was what we found.

We cannot declare Geniux’s benefits.

How do you take Geniux?

According to the manufacturer, one capsule should be taken with a full glass water and eaten on an empty stomach.

Does Geniux Provide 100% Brain Power?

Geniux is made up of two main ingredients: laminareals, and ginkgo biloba. These ingredients may play neuroprotective and learning roles, according to our analysis.

The remaining ingredients are inactive or do not support the manufacturer’s claims. The label doesn’t show the exact concentrations of the individual ingredients, so it is difficult to know if they will work together.

Warnings to Geniux Users

Geniux should be viewed with caution. Avoidance of the product is recommended for pregnant women. They should talk to their doctors if they feel the need.

Children should keep Geniux out of reach. Patients with chronic conditions should consult their doctors before using.

Where can you buy Geniux?

Geniux can be purchased at the official website of the company or from authorized retailers such as Amazon and eBay.


For $39, one bottle

Three bottles for $90

Five bottles for $125

Unfortunately, this product is not currently available.

Return Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

The company cannot offer returns due to insufficient supply. If you’ve purchased a product recently, you can’t return it. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any money back guarantee.

Geniux Alternative – Consumers’ No. 1 Choice

Geniux claims that Geniux can improve memory, focus, overall mental performance, and more. Each ingredient has its own scientifically proven benefits. There are many side effects associated with certain ingredients, much to our dismay. If taken in large quantities, caffeine and ginkgo biloba may cause severe side effects.

There were many negative reviews of the retailer .Is the “ultimate smart pill” really true?
It’s not. It is extremely discouraging to see the many side effects and large customer dissatisfaction. This is a sign that there needs to be a better solution.

We’re happy to inform you that Mind Lab Pro is available.

Mind Lab Pro offers many mental health benefits, without any health risks. It is great for daily consumption and all ages .These are the key features of Mind Lab Pro:

All types of people benefit from improved cognition

Mental power increases

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Increases blood flow to brain

  • Brain chemistry enhancement

  • It aids in the regeneration and maintenance of neurons

  • Scientifically supported benefits

  • Gluten-free

  • Allergen-free

  • Caffeine-Free

  • GMO-free

  • Banned substances are not allowed


Geniux’s claims of the smart pill on the market cannot be confirmed. Although scientific literature supports some ingredients’ effectiveness, side effects still dominate the product.
Geniux is not recommended for anyone looking to get a quick boost in mental faculties or empower mental health.

Score of 4Total

Not recommended!

It is not known how Geniux’s different ingredients mix together. We cannot recommend Geniux for improving mental function. It is not worth recommending due to the side effects of some ingredients.

1Promotes LearningMany potential side-effects

2Protects against NeurotoxinsConcentrations of different ingredients are not mentioned.

3NAResearch does not support claims

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