What is Genius Sleep Aid?

The industry of sleep science is expanding at an incredible rate. People who used to struggle with their sleep patterns may now be aware that there are many products available to help them. Genius Sleep Aid is another product in this category. It not only improves your sleep quality, but also helps to reduce night time anxiety. Genius Sleep Aid claims to help with side effects of caffeine. Genius Sleep Aid comes in capsules.

Who makes Genius Sleep Aid?
Genius Sleep Aid is made by The Genius Brand, which is a nootropic company located in Washington, United States. Other featured products are:

  • Genius Joy
  • Genius Pre
  • Genius Consciousness

The company’s mission is to restore faith in the supplement industry, and to convince people that supplements can improve the quality of life. We couldn’t find any information about The Genius Brand on the official BBB website.

Genius Sleep Aid claims

Genius Sleep Aid is claimed by the Genius Brand

  • Facilitates sleep
  • Combats stress and anxiety
  • Eliminates side effects of caffeine from the body
  • Doesn’t cause addiction
  • Has no side-effects

What’s Inside Genius Sleep Aid?

Genius Sleep Aid is made up of these ingredients:

  • L-Glycine
  • L-Theanine (as Thea Kalm).
  • Rutaecarpine
  • Inositol
  • Melatonin


Glycine, an amino acid, is a neurotransmitter. Glycine is not only produced by the body but also occurs in large quantities in high-protein diets. Glycine is active primarily in the hippocampal part of the brain, which deals with memory and learning. A study found that glycine is important for the transmission of brain signals. Glycine can also be used to aid in learning. Glycine can be taken as a supplement to improve cognitive function. Another study claims that glycine can improve neuronal activity after hypoxic-ischemic injuries.

L-Theanine (as Thea Kalm)

L-Theanine, an amino acid found mostly in tea leaves, is also a common one. L-Theanine intake can influence many brain changes. It raises the levels of neurotransmitters that are involved in the generation of emotions, mood, and cognition. A study to determine the effects of L’Theanine on the brain of humans concluded that oral intake of theanine may help with stress management. Another study found that L-Theanine affects activity in the Alpha frequency band, which relaxes the mind and does not cause drowsiness.


Rut is a common name for it. It is a key ingredient in Chinese herbal medicines.  A study published in the Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulas found that Rutaecarpine significantly enhanced learning and memory in rodents. Another study shows that Rutaecarpine is a beneficial agent in improving neurological function in mice following cerebral ischemia. Research has shown that Rutaecarpine may cause tachycardia (an increased heart rate).There is also scientific evidence available regarding the arrhythmogenic-irregular heart rhythm-effects of Rutaecarpine alkaloids.


Inositol, a sugar that stimulates serotonin production and dopamine release in the body, is known as. A study that examined brains from suicide victims and bipolar disorder patients post-mortem suggested lower levels of inositol in the frontal cortex, a portion of the brain. Another study shows that panic disorder sufferers can be helped by inositol.


Melatonin, a neurohormone, regulates the body’s internal clock through the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the brain. ScienceDirect published a study that showed that melatonin regulates brain activity in ways that are similar to sleep, even though the subject is awake. Another study showed that melatonin increased sleep among people who were suffering from insomnia.

Are Genius Sleep Aid Ingredients Safe & Effective?

Our team raised concerns about the safety profile for rutaecarpine (one of the main ingredients).Heart disease is a major concern in today’s world. Rutaecarpine can cause damage to the heart. The effectiveness of anti-anxiety and sleep-aids has been well documented. Genius Sleep Aid protects the brain from injury and damage.

How do you use Genius Sleep Aids?

Genius Sleep Aid’s official website says that it is most effective at night if you are having trouble sleeping. Two capsules should be taken 30 minutes before you go to bed. A 5-on, 2-off protocol is also recommended. Genius Sleep Aid should only be taken five nights consecutively and the second night should be skipped.

Does Genius Sleep Aid Provide 100% Brain Power?

Genius Sleep Aid contains ingredients that improve cognition and relaxation. Anti-anxiety and stress can also be fought with the help of certain ingredients. Genius Sleep Aid is a great supplement to boost mental faculties. It should improve mental health daily and for all ages. It is important to note that the product does not associate with attention and focus, which are essential attributes of any modern nootropic.

Warnings to Genius Sleep Aid Users

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep children out of reach. Before using the product, pregnant and lactating mothers should consult their doctor. You should consult your doctor if you have sleep problems or other symptoms.

Genius Sleep Aid Alternative – Consumers’ No.1 Choice

Genius Sleep Aid has many benefits. This helps to eliminate the side effects of caffeine so that you can rest soundly. Although the ingredients are said to promote mental relaxation they don’t have many of the properties that make them an effective nootropic. It is not possible to associate any ingredient with improved focus or assisting with mentally challenging daily tasks. Genius Sleep Aid can help you to be more attentive during exams. It’s not. These ingredients are not intended to be used in place of the ingredients. We found a nootropic which provides many mental health benefits and does not cause any potential harm. We present you MindLab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is made up of 11 natural ingredients and is 100% Vegan. It’s great for all ages and makes it easy to learn anything twice as fast. The mental health benefits of all ingredients are supported by extensive scientific literature. There is no doubt about the safety profile and effectiveness.


We had high expectations for this product, considering the lofty claims Genius Sleep Aid made. We were however disappointed after a thorough review of the sleep supplement. Genius Sleep Aid can be a great supplement to improve the quality of your sleep. However, as a nootropic you need to prioritize.

  • 5Total Score
  • Not recommended!

Genius Sleep Aid helps you sleep better. They have little to offer in terms cognitive benefits or enhancing brain function. This product cannot be considered a nootropic.

1It helps you fall asleep quicker

Genius Sleep Aid may have harmful effects on the heart

2Genius Sleep Aid isn’t sedative or drowsy.

It doesn’t help with important mental functions
3These ingredients are great for stress situations and sleep.


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