What is Drenamin?
Standard Process makes Drenamin, a natural stress relief. It is claimed to reduce stress levels and improve immunity to allergies, illness, and fatigue. Drenamin balances moods and emotions, promoting a healthy response. You can take three tablets per meal.

Who makes Drenamin?

Standard Process is a visionary leader with a rich history since 1929. It is located in Wisconsin, USA. Its vision is to offer wholesome supplements in a natural state. Supplements are made from whole foods that are found in nature. They are also prepared in a way to preserve their nutritional value. It sells products through healthcare professionals and online sites.  Although the Better Business Bureau has yet to accredit the business, it has received A+ ratings from customers and zero complaints. Standard Process has 208 nutritional supplements. This includes a separate line of vegetarian and gluten-free supplements. They offer the following top-selling products:

  • Catalyn: Vitamin-based supplement; the first product created by Dr. Royal Lee
  • SP Complete: Whole Food Nutrition
  • Cardio-Plus Cardiovascular Support
  • Immuplex: Immune system support
  • Congaplex: Immune system support

Drenamin Claims

Drenamin claims that Drenamin can:

  • Enhance adrenal gland function
  • Stressors can be reduced by promoting a healthy response
  • Energy production
  • Promote a balanced mood
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant

Bovine adrenal glandular has the highest concentration of Drenamin. These are extracted from the glandular and other organs of slaughtered cattle. WebMD’s review states that there is no evidence to support the effects of bovine extracts.

What’s inside Drenamin?

Drenamin ingredients include:

  • Adrenal Desiccated (Porcine Stomach and Bovine Adrenal)
  • Bovine and Veal Bone
  • Porcine Brain
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Para-aminobenzoate
  • Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder
  • Organic Reishi Mushroom powder

Other ingredients include honey and nutritional yeast.
It also contains sunflower lecithin (seed), organic buckwheat, oat flour and calcium stearate.

Adrenal Lustccated

Desiccated adrenal glandular is a term that refers to glands and organs from cows, sheep, and other animals. It can be made into adrenal extracts. It can be used to treat low adrenal function, fatigue, stress, and exhaustion (adrenal exhaustion). It can be used under the tongue to provide emotional and physical stress relief. It is believed that the body’s desiccated parts function the same way as the cattle. According to the Mayo Clinic, however, there aren’t any scientific studies that can show if there is “adrenal exhaustion”.
Unwanted consequences such as adrenal gland failure can result from taking adrenal supplements that your body does not need. Healthline also states that if you stop taking supplements, it may take months for your glands and other organs to start working again.

Extracts of bone (Bovine, veal)
Bovine is an animal belonging to the cattle group that includes bisons and buffaloes. Veal, however, refers only to young calves. Yet, there are no clinical studies that support the efficacy of bovine extracts in promoting mental well-being.

Porcine Brain
Porcine is a scientific name for pigs. Porcine is a Latin word that means “pig” and comes from the Latin root porcus. Recent research in the American Journal of Applied Sciences examined porcine brain potential in male Wistar rats. Results showed that a low amount of porcine extract could improve brain function, including motor performance and neurological score.

Choline Bitartrate
Choline bitartrate is a member of the vitamin B family. It is necessary for the production of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter crucial for memory-related brain functions. Psychology Today says it aids in memory and brain activity.

Note: PLOS One found that the food supplement choline bitartrate did not significantly improve memory performance in healthy young students who took part in the study. These results are contrary to animal studies that suggest that choline supplementation can improve memory performance and learning.

Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium Citrate is a natural compound of magnesium. It is broken down within the body to form elemental magnesium. George Eby’s research has shown that it is effective in treating depression and brain injuries.

Para-aminobenzoate can be found in folic acids and foods like eggs, milk, and meat. Peace Health states that although it is essential for certain animals, it does not have any effect on brain activity or mental well-being of humans.

Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder
Shiitake Mushroom, a East Asian native, is a good source for fiber. Shiitake mushrooms contain a compound called Ergothioneine. Science Daily reports that ET is good for cognitive health and reduces the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Organic Reishi Mushroom powder

Reishi Mushroom is a popular Chinese medicinal staple due to its many health benefits. Research on rats found that the mushroom could protect brain cells from oxidation. Science Direct says that oxidative loss is a common sign in Alzheimer’s disease. WebMD states that more evidence is needed in order to assess the effectiveness of reishi mushrooms for Alzheimer’s disease. However, early research has shown that reishi powder does not improve memory and quality of life in patients with the disease.

Is Drenamin Safe and Effective?

Side effects are not listed by the manufacturer. However, side effects may be related to the ingredients. WebMD says that although not much is known about adrenal extracts or how they interact within the body, it is possible to find Bovine extracts from slaughterhouses.

A powdered reishi mushroom may be dangerous if taken for longer than one month. The use of the powdered version has been linked to toxic effects on the liver (9) while Para-aminobenzoate can be extremely hazardous when taken in large quantities (10).

These findings make it difficult to know if the product is safe and effective.

Here are some side effects based on ingredient analysis

Side effects of Reishi mushroom
It can lead to dryness in the throat, mouth, and skin. People with bleeding disorders may experience increased bleeding if they consume high amounts of mushroom powder.

Side effects of Shiitake mushroom
Blood disorder conditions that can be dangerous. Auto-immune diseases like Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are made worse

Para-aminobenzoate side effects
May cause skin irritation. Nausea, vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite are all signs of diarrhoea

Drenamin Users: Beware

The website does not contain any warnings or other health implications. However, the analysis does report some warnings:

  • Bovine adrenal from diseased cattle can pose a danger
  • The product has not been thoroughly tested
  • Many users experienced severe nausea and vomiting.

According to WebMD, pregnant or lactating mothers and people with bleeding disorders should avoid high doses of Reishi mushroom.

How to use Drenamin?
The official website lists the recommended daily intake of Drenamin. Drenamin can be taken as directed by your physician or in three tablets per meal.

Is Drenamin 100% Brainpower?
Drenamin’s main claims were to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. It is evident that Drenamin has a positive effect on brain health after analyzing the ingredients. It also contains magnesium citrate which is effective in treating brain injuries and major depression. Research has also shown that brain activity can be improved by using shiitake mushrooms and the porcine brain.

Further analysis shows that some ingredients are not related to mental health. Drenamin can also be used as a supplement to mental health. However, it can’t cause total recovery.

The effect of adrenal glandular on the brain is still being debated. It contains ingredients that are potentially harmful in high doses, as we have already mentioned. The label doesn’t mention the amount of these ingredients because they are combined in a proprietary mixture.

Summarising, certain ingredients may increase brain cell activity, while others do not have any relation to mental health. Therefore, it is unlikely that this supplement can provide 100% brainpower.

Where can you buy Drenamin?

Standard Process sells Drenamin via its official website. You can also purchase it on Amazon and eBay. Individual practitioners may also sell it. You have two options depending on how many you want.

  • On the Standard process website, a 90-piece pack retails for $14.50
  • On the Standard process website, a pack of 360 tablets costs $45.00
  • The product is available on Amazon for $17.40

Three tablets per day is enough to last the 90-pill pack for a month.

Is Drenamin A Good Nootropic For You?

Standard Process’ website states that Drenamin contains safe and natural ingredients. It is a good health supplement, as it contains certain beneficial ingredients. It improves brain activity and mental health, and can even relieve stress. It is possible to hope that brain activity will improve, which can support emotional well-being.

Surprisingly, however, we discovered that many ingredients are not associated with brain health and can cause harm if taken in large amounts. It is difficult to ensure safety and effectiveness of the product because the label does not list the exact quantity. The ingredients are also based more on word-of-mouth and alternative medicine than scientific research. It is important to note that some users have experienced severe gastric problems, losing their appetite. However, there is no warning on the label. Mind Lab Pro is a natural stress-relieving, mental health supplement that can be relied upon. Mind Lab Pro contains a variety of scientifically-tested ingredients that are based on research. It is also free of stimulant and additives. It supports focus, brain energy, performance, and even protects your brain from harm.

Guess what? You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping

Drenamin’s verdict is, in summary, still unclear. There are some ingredients that work, others that don’t and some that can be dangerous. The manufacturers do not mention side effects. Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic that works without side effects and can be used by anyone who needs it. Mind Lab Pro is a 100% vegan nootropic that is free of additives. Want to know more?

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