What is Plexus Edge?Plexus Edge, a nootropic supplement, claims it can increase your energy and focus. The formula contains only safe and healthy ingredients that can provide a steady flow of energy and focus throughout your day. Capsules are the supplement that attests that users are in good health. Who makes Plexus Edge?Plexus Worldwide, a… Continue reading PLEXUS EDGE REVIEW


Coffee’s nutritional profile According to USDA, a cup of plain brewed coffee with no milk or sugar contains 1 calorie, 6mg of sodium and 0.3g of protein. Coffee is rich in bioactive compounds. Coffee contains caffeine as well as alkaloids, polyphenols such trigonelline or chlorogenic acids. These biochemical compounds have a lot of stimulant and… Continue reading COFFEE IN THE MORNING


Gabatrol: What does it mean?Gabatrol, a nootropic that provides a mental lift, is known as a nootropic. Gabatrol is claimed to help with anxiety and focus. This nootropic is also believed to improve the quality of your sleep. It can be purchased in capsules. Who makes Gabatrol?Pure Life, based in Seal Beach (California), manufactures Gabatrol.Other… Continue reading GABATROL REVIEW


What does a New Mood Do for You?New Mood is a brain-strengthening supplement that can help you relax and cut out all the noise. It will help you manage your daily stress without any side effects.The New Mood is short for: Restful night of sleep Greater mental clarity Deep calm, without feeling sleepy Relaxing after… Continue reading ONNIT NEW MOOD REVIEW


What is Huperzine A?Huperzine A, a compound derived from Huperzia serrata in China, is Huperzine A. Although it was first discovered in 1980s, Huperzine A has been used in Chinese medicine since centuries. It protects your brain and nerves from injury or damage by free radicals. Huperzine A can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease… Continue reading HUPERZINE A REVIEW


What is the Focus Formula?Focus Formula is a supplement that boosts mental energy. According to the company, this supplement can improve your memory and mental clarity as well as protect you from toxins. It can, as it is claimed, increase blood flow which is vital for brain health. This supplement can be purchased as a… Continue reading FOCUS FORMULA REVIEW


What is NeuroGum?NeuroGum, a nootropic brain stimulant, is designed to improve overall mental performance. It is claimed to increase cognitive abilities, improve attention, boost mental power, focus, memory recall, and increase your mental energy. It is not your typical brain supplement. Instead, it comes in a packet of chewing gum. This is a unique way… Continue reading NEUROGUM REVIEW


What is Cognium?Cognium, a mental health supplement, has one ingredient: CERA-Q. Cognium claims to be the best nootropic on the market, able to improve memory and recall in as little as four weeks. Cognium, which claims to be free of stimulants, is available in tablet form. Who makes Cognium? Natrol is the manufacturer of Cognium,… Continue reading COGNIUM REVIEW


What is Etherium Gold?Etherium Gold, a brain supplement, claims to be the only product made from monatomic gold that can improve mental clarity, mind-body coordination and learning. We found the Etherium Gold official website. It claims that it operates electromagnetically. It also claims to harmonize both hemispheres by maintaining the beta waves and the alpha… Continue reading ETHERIUM GOLD REVIEW


What does AdderRX do?AdderRX, a nootropic supplement by NexGen BioLabs, is available. According to the company, AdderRX is capable of improving multiple functions of the brain such as: Mental focus Concentration Memory Learning Clarity and mental energy Mental endurance and long-term memory retention AdderRX has a lot of interesting ingredients, as well as some red… Continue reading ADDERRX REVIEW